Thank you

November 27, 2020

2020 has been a shitshow but I’m kinda grateful for it.

Not everyone gets a complete life-reset. It’s hard and painful and most of the time it sucks, but coming out of it on the other side almost feels, well, liberating.

Going through awful stuff has made me appreciate all of the good things in life. I love my friends and family even more now. I appreciate their company, support, and love more than I ever have before. I love you, my supporters. In my endless striving to improve, I often lost sight of just how good I had things. I don’t do that as much any more. I take time every day to just be grateful. I’m so, so grateful for you.

I’ve also learned and grown as a person more than I normally would. If pressure can be a catalyst for change, this year has been an avalanche. There was no resisting change. Growth was essential for survival. I dove into books, spirituality, meditation, etc. to learn to open up and be a better person. It’s working. It’s not complete, because those things never are. But it’s helping.

So thank you. Thanks for being here. There were certainly times when I thought my days as an artist were over. And sometimes I still have those thoughts. But knowing that there are still people supporting me has been immeasurably encouraging. It’s nice to think I can still have a future.

Let’s all look forward to one hell of a 2021.